Regular Program

Class times

Mornings Mon through Fri           (9:15-11:45 am)
Afternoons Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri  (1:15-3:45 pm)

Our regular program offers classes which have children from 2½ - 5 years of age. Children younger than 3 years old may only attend morning classes. A mixed age classroom allows children at different ages to learn from each other, and reduces conflict between children of the same age.

At Strathcona Nursery School we have carefully designed our program to support and enhance children's experiences of "learning through play". We value the importance of play because play is the children's language, and through play they make sense of their world. Play is the children's work. Children learn best when they are actively engaged with material that stimulates their senses. This, in turn, promotes brain development. Learning and play cannot be separated; they occur simultaneously. The child's experience is "the learning process". "Learning through play" enhances the growth and development of the whole child, which includes their physical, social and cognitive development. Physical development includes large and small muscle development, and their senses: hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. Children benefit from being a part of a consistent play environment, where they can meet regularly with the same group and have time to develop their relationships with one another and learn about themselves.

Typical Nursery School Day

  • 30 minutes outside play (weather permitting)
  • Free choice at centres.
  • Group centre - includes conversation, stories, songs, finger plays, games, or calendar
  • Snack time
  • Free choice play
  • Final group centre - includes music, songs, dancing and games
  • Dismissal

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