Our Classroom

Our classroom is spacious with large, bright windows. The classroom has many learning centers such as: a water table, a sand table, 2 art easels (one is glass for free painting), 2 tables used for various art experiences, a large area for building with large blocks, a dress-up center with costumes, well-equipped playhouse, a Brio train table, a puzzle and game area, book corner, puppet theatre and many fun and educational toys. We have access to 2 adjacent playgrounds where the children enjoy well-supervised outdoor play.

We have a child size bathroom located inside the classroom, that includes a change table area.

Daily Routine

Each session includes the following activities, but may vary in order:

  • Outdoor play
    The first part of each session is dedicated to outdoor activities and play, weather permitting.  If in doubt, please dress your child as if they are going outside.
  • Interactive Story Time
    We read a story each day. We allow the children a chance to connect with the story through discussion of the various topics that come up surrounding the story.
  • Music Time
    The children learn many songs and finger plays, and use musical instruments.
  • Snack
    Snack time is a very relaxed period when the children talk amongst themselves and discuss their many interests. The teachers interact with the children on a one-on-one basis and use this opportunity to learn more about each child.
  • Free Play
    During this very important free playtime, the children explore at the many learning centers in the classroom. It is during this time that their young imaginations come to life.
  • Clean Up
    After the free play time the children, teachers and the duty parents share in tidying and cleaning up toys in the classroom.

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