Annual Parent Responsibilities

  1. Duty Parent

    One duty parent attends each session. As a duty parent, you rotate within the families registered in each session your child attends. You will be assigned a duty day at least a month in advance, leaving you plenty of time to plan for that day. It is each parent’s responsibility to arrange for a replacement on their given duty day if they are unable to attend. You can only be a duty parent on the days your child is registered on. You are required to attend duty days in each of your child’s separate sessions. A parent phone list will be provided so that you may switch days with other parents in the same session. If a switch is made, please indicate it on the Master Duty Roster on the bulletin board inside the classroom so that a proper contact is available for the teachers. If there are prior commitments preventing you from being able to participate as a duty parent on specific days, please do not register your child in that session. The class depends on the volunteer parent and cannot proceed without their involvement therefore a class may be cancelled in its entirety if you do not attend at your scheduled time. A duty parent can be a parent, family member, or friend.

  2. Board of Directors/ Committee Members

    The Nursery School operates by a series of committees, details of which may be found on the Registration forms. Every family is required to volunteer to serve on a committee or take a position on the Board under which committees serve.

  3. Fundraising and Marketing

    Annual fundraising and marketing campaigns occur throughout the year to ensure the financial success of our playschool. Full participation in all fundraising is mandatory. Every second year the playschool has the opportunity to run a Casino; this is the backbone of our fundraising campaign. The revenue we receive from the Casino allows us the benefit of a full time teacher’s aide, as well as heavily contributing to the financial health of the school. Each family must commit to one shift at the Casino. Various jobs and times are available. During off casino years the Nursery School does smaller scale fundraising, in the form of raffles, selling chocolates, etc. We are always looking for new and creative fundraising ideas from the parent body. Your input is invaluable.

  4. Cleaning Bee

    One member from each family is expected to attend one of four annual cleaning bees, where a thorough cleaning is given to everything from the toys to the rugs. This ensures the health and safety of our children and if you do not participate, a monetary fine will be issued. It is each parent’s responsibility to arrange for a replacement on their given cleaning bee day if they are unable to attend.

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