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Strathcona Nursery School Philosophy

"Our goal is to offer a safe, positive socialization experience for your child. We strive to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of children by providing a carefully planned developmentally age appropriate program. We depend on the support and co-operation of our parents and teachers to maintain this above average program."

The program at Strathcona Nursery School is based on the theory that children learn through play.  This recognizes that young children learn through active involvement and meaningful experimentation.  It also recognizes early childhood as a period where children should be provided the opportunity to gain independence through initiative, creativity, decision-making and problem solving, all of which help them to develop the ability to relate to others and feel good about themselves.
The focus of the nursery school is not on structure or academics, but on personal development and socialization.  Activities are planned which allow the children to make choices, problem solve and be creative.  Art activities are often open-ended and the children are free to create as they desire, emphasizing the process rather than the product and therefore fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride.
Schedules are designed which provide a combination of “free choice” activities and some structure at “group centre” times and snack time.  During “free play” time the children are welcome to play at any of the centres or do the craft and/or art activity that is set out.  SNS students are encouraged to wear comfortable, washable play clothes so that they feel safe participating in activities and not concerned about their clothes.

Parent Co-operative Responsibilities

We value and require the active involvement of parents in our program through board or committee membership, fundraising and other volunteer jobs. Classroom participation is required for all morning classes and encouraged for afternoon classes. Participation in the classroom enables the children to see their parents as important and concerned members of the school environment, while providing parents with the opportunity to see their child interact with the teaching staff and other children

As a member of a parent led co-operative playschool, the very existence of the school depends on your commitment and dedication throughout the school year. The parent body works together toward common goals, the most important of which is providing a happy, satisfying preschool experience for our children.

Your annual responsibilities in the co-op are:

  1. Duty Parent Days (*required for morning classes only)
  2. Volunteer Obligations 
  3. Toy/Classroom Cleaning Bees

More information

Parents' Handbook

The Parent Handbook (in PDF format) provides additional details regarding Strathcona Nursery School.

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